Monday, 30 March 2015

No Kings In Our Car Park–Just Wise Men!

What a crazy day! Bob and I have been quite unwell since the early hours of the morning – we suspect the Pork Pie we shared for supper last night. Many nocturnal trips to the bathroom … very grateful that the toe-stubbing button has been moved! I have spent the whole day floating around the house giddily in my white nightie, looking like Miss Havisham - trying to do things, then admitting defeat and going back to bed. He went to his meeting this morning, but then came home and cancelled the rest of the day’s commitments. I am hopeful we’ll be back to full strength tomorrow.

The building work at church has continued apace. Here is progress since Thursday [thanks Kerry for today’s two pictures!]

building 2015 29 03

Leicester continues to make the most of the opportunities for clever advertising. Here’s one with a Shakespearian Twist



  1. Very clever advertising!
    I do hope you will recover from the upset and be well soon.

  2. Oh dear, food poisoning,not so good! Hope it's all gone by tomorrow and you're both back to normal asap. The shop signage is hilarious!

  3. Oh no, poor you! God bless. x

  4. Arrrgh! Nothing worse than a tummy upset. Get well soon.

  5. Hope you both feel better soon.
    K has also been ill, but she succumbed to a sickness bug, which has gone through her school like wildfire, rather than a pork pie!

  6. So sorry you're not feeling well! Hope you're fully recovered soon!

  7. I dare say Richard lll would have needed a few tents in his day!

  8. That's what happens when you move out of Leicestershire - the quality of pork pies goes rapidly downhill!!

    1. Inclined to agree with you. The portion sizes of fish and chips are MUCH smaller here too [and they cost more!]

  9. Hoping you are both feeling much better today. xxx

  10. Oh I LOVE that! Very clever!


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