Monday, 23 March 2015

Perhaps It’s My Age…

I have definitely been doing a few crazy things lately.

  • My friend visited with a major sewing crisis. We moved the dining table into the lounge and had fabric and stuff all over the dining room floor for about 6 hours. At one point she asked if she could use the loo. I directed her to ‘just by the front door’ – but that’s in Kirby, in this house it is next to the kitchen. Fancy not knowing where your own WC is!
  • For two weeks I muttered about missing my wrist watch because I was wearing a splint. Only on the morning I when went back to the hospital did I suddenly realise that if only I had taken off my WWJD bracelet, I could have worn my watch on my right hand!
  • For 20 years, when Bob has been working out in the garage, I have banged on the kitchen wall and shouted Food’s Ready! at mealtimes. I got a little frustrated that he didn’t seem to respond when I did it here. It finally dawned on me – the garage is not directly behind the kitchen - there’s a downstairs loo in between. I have to go into the loo and bang on that wall to alert him.

Are these ‘Senior Moments’ do you think?  I am certainly at the age where I believe in the Hereafter – I get upstairs and ask ‘What am I here after?’

In recent weeks, I know that quite a few more people [both in Norfolk and Dorset] have started reading the blog. Welcome aboard, and thanks for the kind comments


My wrist feels fine, and I have been able to start knitting again. This is a little project I have started to use up some of my stash off double knit yarn. It is a fascinating pattern, one I have not attempted before – I am intrigued to see how it will turn out. Watch this space!


  1. Of course it's not your age as I'm sure you are younger than me :-)

  2. I've been like that all my life, so wouldn't notice any change lol!

  3. A girl in school and I are drinking tea and marvelling at your project!

  4. I'm blaming all mine on pregnancy brain.
    For Red nose day my DD wanted a red headband knitted. Half way through crocheting the darn thing (the night before!) I realised I'd made it in blue! BLUE! No clue why, had to restart in red a stay up late to finish it. Lol

    X x x

  5. Oooh, I SAY, it looks like a Sailor collar!!! I saw this amazing knitted sailor top in a vintage shop near us but they wanted £65 for it!!!
    Don't worry, I have senior moments all the time! All the time! All the time! I apologise to my kids for them all the time!x

  6. Your knitting looks intriguing! We all have those 'senior' moments. They're even worse when you really are 'senior'!!


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