Wednesday, 11 March 2015

With This Ring!

I can’t wear my wedding ring at the moment. My fingers swelled up when I fell the other Sunday and the nurse at A&E removed it [along with my Mum’s engagement ring] and told me to keep them sdafe till my hand is recovered. I feel sort of naked without it on my finger. It’s been there for most of the last 36 years.

There were two lovely stories on the BBC news website recently about mislaid wedding rings being returned.

returned ring Dorset

The first story is quite local to me – a Dorset lifeboatman lost his ring on an emergency call 6 years ago, whilst launching the boat in Weymouth Harbour. His friend found the large platinum ring [with a distinctive dent] on the shoreline last month and was able to return it. How amazing that the guy who picked it up recognised it!

returned ring albania

The second story concerns a ring lost in WW2. A British pilot crashed his plane in Albania, whilst on a secret mission. A local man, Jaho Cala, found the ring, and hid it from the authorities. His son Xhemil recalled his wedding day, when his father gave him the ring saying: "This is not mine and is certainly not yours; it has a rightful owner, who you will have to find in due course." After his father’s death [and Albania’s liberation] he contacted the British Embassy who traced the ring from its inscription back to Flt Lt Thompson, and contacted his family. His sister Dorothy – now 92=- travelled to Tirana to collect it.

returned ring albania 2

I am a true romantic- I love stories with happy endings!!


  1. The Weymouth one was in our local paper recently - it's amazing how things survive and turn up later isn't it? Hop you will soon be able to wear your rings again and that your wrist makes a full and speedy recovery.

  2. These are amazing stories though. The shoreline one is fabulous!

  3. My eldest lost his wedding ring last year, four weeks after it was placed on his finger by his new bride. He couldn't understand why she was so upset about it! All he needed to do, he said, was go and buy a new ring!! That's men for you. Sending healing thoughts your way.x

  4. I love these stories, though am amazed that a man recognized his friend's ring so many years later (a woman, I could understand).

    I always feel strange when I don't have my wedding ring on. Hope yours fits again soon!


  5. Glad you were able to get your rings off without damaging them - when I badly burned my hand a few years ago (straining noodles!), the nurses at the hospital said that if I hadn't have taken my rings off straight away they would have had to cut them off because of the swelling. Hope you are healing, no matter how frustrating the process is.


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