Monday, 2 March 2015

Jesus The Carpenter Needs Joiners

My friend used to have that on a sticker in the back window of his car. Here at UCF [United Church Ferndown] they serve “The Carpenter’s Lunch” on a Tuesday to a large group of Senior Citizens. A team of volunteers come in on a rota, to prepare, serve, and clear up a delicious meal for these older members of our community.

The team wanted a ‘uniform’ so a group of us got together and produced a set of tabards. The fabric came from The Great Stash, and my Memorycraft machine produced some name badges.




They are going to going to look very smart at the lunch club, aren’t they? [Carol’s craftroom with the big table and Velux windows was lovely and bright for us to sew in]


  1. That is very lovely- seeing you do what you do sew well xx

  2. We used to have a sticker in our car which said Carpenter from Nazareth needs joiners. This is while we lived in North Wales where of course there is a village called Nazareth. One day when we went to a beach, when we came back to the car, a man came up and asked my husband what the going rate was. :)
    Pat in Norfolk who is wondering just where you were in Norfolk on your basket weaving course.

    1. It was at Dereham, run by Julie King


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