Monday, 30 March 2015

Frozen? No, Melted!


3am, Leics – wake up, need the loo. Tiptoe confidently in the dark to and from the ensuite, Bob sleeps on, all is well. 3am, Ferndown – wake up, need the loo. Tiptoe round the bed in the dark –arms outstretched like a somnambulist, unsure of bearings in our new home. Almost at bedroom door, stub toe, try not to squeal in pain. Hop to loo and back. Bob is woken. This happens more than once*.


The problem? a large black rubber doorstop right in the middle of the carpet. It didn’t need to be so far out, in a place where I seem to constantly bang against it. So Bob unscrewed it and moved it back nearer the wall. But this left a large dent in the carpet.

The pictures below show the old and new positions – and the dent


I have no idea how long that circle of carpet has been flattened, but I do know how to restore the carpet. With an ice cube! I put the cube over the dent and left it for twenty four hours. Once it has melted away and the carpet is dry, I vacuumed the pile. Job done!


*I should probably cut down my late night liquid intake!


  1. I've often heard of the ice cube trick but never seen it in action before....or before now that is! Well done on moving your night time nemesis.

  2. That was definitely badly positioned to begin with!

  3. That's fantastic! Thank you so much for this amazing suggestion, you have no idea how much I loved that!


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