Wednesday, 25 March 2015

More Digging Up Of The Car Park


The Building Inspector says our trenches must be deeper. So the digging goes on – but the church activities are still happening despite the car park excavations. No dead kings found yet!


I just love this sign from Leicester!



  1. Is that a Council with a sense of humour?!!

  2. Love it! There need to be more signs with a sense of humour as the usual miserable stuff is just ignored by most people.

    I used to have a sign in the kitchen at work that advised that the self-cleaning and tidying away cups and plates were arriving next week and in the interim could staff do their own.

    This was after months of other staff putting up sour, or martyred notes to everyone about how their mother did not working there, hygiene rules, how someone had spend two hours cleaning etc which had been completely ignored. My sign was a total satire but to my surprise it made folk laugh, the kitchen did get a little tidier and some folk admitted it was a few weeks before they actually read the content as they'd just assumed it was another sour note.

    Hopefully, you wont find any dead monarchs but a stash of treasure might be nice.

  3. Thanks for that sign; it made my husband, who has severe depression, laugh. Thank you :-)

  4. We have been thinking of you so much lately because of the news from Lericester! Will you get back to the cathedral soon?


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