Wednesday, 4 May 2016

From Uganda To Leicester!

I have spoken about my good friend Tom before, and his charity "East African Playgrounds"

Tom has been a lifelong Leicester City supporter, and is desperate to get back to see his beloved team be presented with the trophy. He is now living in Uganda, but has sold his motorbike to buy the air fare, and now needs a ticket for the game. The BBC picked this story up, and he was interviewed on 5LIve this afternoon.  [listen here ]
I hope that by now, someone has found a ticket for him.
Someone who has done so much to bring sport to underprivileged children in Africa deserves to be there for his home team celebration!


  1. I definitely agree! Hope he gets one!

  2. Angela, is there somewhere I can make him a donation towards a new bike? His important work in Uganda probably is easier done with one.


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