Wednesday, 1 June 2016

100% Success !

I've done it! I actually managed to remove not 100, but 112 items from the house during May.
I am feeling very pleased to have achieved the target, and then some. 

  • Some things were donated to others who would find a better use for them [a jumper to Steph, jars to Miriam] 
  • Others were recycled - a couple of really tatty teeshirts of Bob's went into a ragbag in the garage, and the bottom of that sewing box became a planter
  • Lots of things went to the local charity shops - including 6 old towels to  Waggy Tails - a Dorset Based Dog Charity.
  • I used 6 balls of wool for 'sleeve knitting' - and sorted out loads of other wool I felt I would never use -more than 1kg worth. I bagged that carefully, and labelled each bag with the weight - the ladies in the CS were incredibly grateful I had done that. They felt it would be much easier to display and sell
  • I sorted out my shopping bags. I still had a fair few plastic carriers rolled up in the bottom of my trolley. So they all went to the CS too, and the goods I took in all went in stronger bags. Half a dozen bags should be enough for a major shop, why keep more?
  • There were some very bizarre and useless items which had been kept, and really needed to be chucked - an inaccurate ruler which was no use for measuring, but why have I kept swimming ear-plugs which I stopped wearing when my classes finished [1998] or the nit comb [purchased in the 1980's used once] 
  • My final action was to sort out a few books to sell. I am expecting a cheque from Ziffit. At the last minute, I remember to check online for 'promotion codes' and found a "10% extra" - so I will get £10.95 for just 5 books which I no longer want or read. 

So I haven't done as well as Kate, but I have achieved the goal I set myself, which is satisfying.

My next step must be a major sort out of my craft materials. Now I am not teaching regularly, making costumes for the annual school play, or preparing Holiday Club Crafts, I think some of my stash can go.
If I was still in school, I would get one of the Teaching Assistants to stamp my notebook with one of these...


  1. Well done on achieving your goal and have a star from me. I think you are right on the number of carrier bags needed. I must have a cull of mine. Happy recycling.


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