Wednesday, 6 July 2016

All Hands On Deck

I spent yesterday in London at a WWDP committee talking about the conference we had back in May. One of the group had just returned from another conference she'd been organising. Every delegate was given a MudLove bracelet- she had a bag of the spares and gave us one each. Thanks Val. Look at them...

Sorry about the extra hand - the passing staff member who was asked to take the picture didn't spot it till afterwards!

You can read the story of these MudLove bracelets here, and how each one purchased blesses someone in need

After the meeting I met up with Liz and Rosie at the Wellcome Collection for tea and cake. Rosie looks so good in her Mum's old dress [made by great-grandma]

 No don't look over there, look at Grandma
That's better, she's turned off the nasty flash!

We noticed the Antony Gormley sculpture of a man walking upside down on the ceiling.
On the way back, as our bus crossed Waterloo Bridge, we also noticed a man sitting on the wall, stark naked. 

My days are never dull when I go out with Liz!!


  1. The bracelets are lovely and that photo is really nice! What did you think of the Wellcome collection? Were there any special exhibitions?x

  2. Rosie is growing so fast!

  3. I think the bracelets are lovely too. What sweet photos of Rosie & Liz too.


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