Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Pastor's Wife Is NOT A Pocillovist!

There are some wacky words out there at the minute- here we have Brexiteers and Remainiacs. Over there, they have Trumpkins... Well here's another one for you- Pocillovists 
These are not political people at all - they are collectors of egg cups - from the Latin pocillum ovi meaning "a small cup for an egg".

I have a few mismatched eggcups in the kitchen, and a few more at Cornerstones. My two favourites are the Hornsea ones which were a gift from a blogfriend.
I also have another made by the Hornsea Pottery - a novelty Smarties one dating back to the 80's - one of the girls had it at Easter.

Bob has, wisely, suggested I do not buy any more china 'except Hornsea Cornrose Pattern' in CS. But they never made any eggcups in the Cornrose pattern! So I decided on Thursday that 2 Hornsea eggcups for £2 were worth it, even if not the proper pattern!
Here you can see them - another Smarties - and one for a Mackintosh's Toffee and Mallow Egg [1970's I think]  This has pictures of a scarecrow and a farmer on it.

I am really pleased with these. "But you don't eat boiled eggs!" Bob reminded me. Well no - but I sometimes use eggcups for other things. And maybe my granddaughter might visit one day and fancy an egg for breakfast...

So I am keeping these five, and the other ones can go into a CS box. During June, I got rid of about 100 items [books, DVDs, CDs, clothes and bric-a-brac] Some things to a charity fundraiser at church, some to various local CS, and some sold on Ziffit. 
I don't think possessing five eggcups makes me a pocillovist, do you? How many items do you need to have to qualify as a 'collector'? I gave up on stamp collecting when I found that philately will get you nowhere.
Do any of you collect unusual things ?


  1. You always put a smile on my face! I love the Horsea ones and my boys LOVE dippy eggs.

  2. Thanks Jennifer - glad to bring smiles. And good to know the boys have healthy appetites!

  3. ha ha!
    Now I may have to have a dippy egg for Sunday tea just so I can use my Susan egg cup! Col uses his Colin egg cup for putting all his tablets in ready to take them. I'm embarrassed to say but I once collected egg cups - have no idea why - and now we just have 2 left.

  4. I really enjoy reading your posts which are so varied and often appeal to my love of language and history. We live on the coast but in a very different part of the country from you but not very far from Hornsea, formerly home of the pottery, sadly now defunct. There is, however, a very good cycle track along the disused railway line to Hull which we shall be enjoying later in the week, weather permitting. Vicki from East Yorkshire

  5. Thanks Vickiey. It is a shame the pottery closed - but good that the old railway has found a new use as a cycle track


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