Thursday, 28 July 2016

Sofa So Good

Suddenly I seem to be doing lots of sewing. This week, I have been recovering the cushions from the bamboo suite belonging to some good friends. It has been in their conservatory, and suffered quite a bit from sun damage. After 16 years, I am not surprised some of the fabric has disintegrated! One sofa and two chairs in serious need of restoration. Zips have broken, covers have split, and many of the cushions have faded considerably from their original golden colour.

But some fabric from IKEA and a bit of work with the sewing machine, and all looks fine again. 

No, I didn't put zips in the new covers, I just hand-stitched the closure at the back of each cushion. Eight zips would add quite a bit to the cost - and the making time. If they do need washing, it will be quite easy for my friend to unpick the stitches and sew them again afterwards,
This should be good for a few more years of family relaxation!


  1. I am impressed! Also I love the new fabric x

  2. I often do that too - hand stitched closures. It's not as if they are removed and washed every five minutes, and sometimes, the thought of tackling the zips would be enough to put me off making the covers ;-)
    That new fabric is lovely.

    1. Wanda - I suspect your handstitching is way neater than mine is!

  3. Quite inexpensive from IKEA, and lovely to work with - but I realised halfway through the cutting that there is a bird hiding among the flowers and foliage. Fortunately it was the right way up!


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