Friday, 15 July 2016

I'm Bored...

Children so often say this - and sometimes it is helpful to be prepared in advance. When our girls were very young, I made 'Boredom Bags' for them. these contained a book, some crayons, a colouring pad or some paper, and a couple of little toys. I varied the contents regularly. These bags went with us when we had to go somewhere which might be 'boring'. Maybe a waiting room at the dentists or doctors, or perhaps an unfamiliar church when we were on holiday...anywhere we might have to sit relatively quietly for more than a few minutes.
Miriam, our Youth Minister, asked me to make some bags like this for her to fill for the younger children at church. She was concerned that they might get restless during All Age Services [on these Sundays, the youth do not go out to their separate groups, but stay in the chapel with everybody else] She usually leads these- but Bob is doing the next one, as Mim is busy planning our Holiday Club.
I was going to make some from the Great Stash, but in IKEA last week, I spotted a remnant of this cheerful Önskedröm fabric [this Swedish word means 'pipe dream' or 'castles in the air']

My remnant was from the middle section. I decided to cut four fronts and four backs, rather than fold pieces - so I ended up with four similar but not identical bags. 
I did have some lovely orange tape in my stash which I used for the drawstrings.
[You don't think Mim is suggesting Bob's sermons might be boring, do you?]


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