Sunday, 17 July 2016

Purge This Land Of Bitter Things...

Last Sunday we were delighted to be presented with two of the special BiCentennial Mugs when we went to church in Foulsham [thanks Pastor Neil] These are a sensible size for a good cup of tea!

We sung this hymn by Canon Henry Scott Holland - originally published in 1902, but somehow still relevant
Judge Eternal, throned in splendour, Lord of lords and King of kings, with your living fire of judgment purge this land of bitter things; solace all its wide dominion with the healing of your wings.
Still the weary folk are pining for the hour that brings release, and the city’s crowded clangour cries aloud for sin to cease, and the homesteads and the woodlands plead in silence for their peace.
Crown, O God, your own endeavour; cleave our darkness with your sword; feed the faithless and the hungry with the richness of your word; cleanse the body of this nation through the glory of the Lord.

It is the only hymn HSH wrote, although his poem 'Death is Nothing At All' is well known, and sometimes ead at funerals.

Our nation could certainly do with healing and solace right now.


  1. I saw the title and picture in my feed and was trying to work out why you didn't like the cups lol.
    Completely through me off. He he

    1. Well, there are some churches I have been to where the church coffee IS almost undrinkable. Happily Foulsham Chapel is not one of those places!! They are a good church and they also serve good cakes!

  2. now that makes the sunday extra special

  3. We sang this hymn yesterday (the 17th) at my church, Trinity, in Boston!


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