Thursday, 28 July 2016

Happy Birthday, Miss Potter!

Today is the 150th anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter - gifted writer, illustrator, farmer - and conservationist.

The Royal Mail has issued some charming commemorative stamps
And the National Trust has some special events and exhibitions [including one in the South of England]

We loved B-P when the girls were smaller, and still have the set of all those little pocket sized storybooks. 
I have had a mini celebration today - I have unpacked the BP china pieces, gifts when the girls were born and washed them [they have been packed away for years]
I decided when they were babies that these were heirlooms, too precious to be used - but now that seems daft. I had a little china Bunnykins mug and bowl as a child, which I used daily for years. On reflection, I am amazed my mother let me have a piece of Royal Doulton in my clumsy hands [and at some point they got broken] but they felt so special - and the grown-ups weren't allowed to borrow them! 

So the clean china will be repacked and go off to live in Norfolk - where little rabbits hop gleefully in the field, just around the corner from Cornerstones. And my grand-daughter can enjoy using them when she is a little older. I am sorry, Liz and Steph, that you missed out on them, but the next generation can have fun eating porridge from the bowl, or cakes from the plate!
Do you use such heirlooms, put them on display, or keep them safe in a box?


  1. Our daughter received a Bunnykins bowl and cup when she was born. I never let her use it and finally gave it to her when she had her first baby. It sits in a display case. Seems kind of a shame now that no one has ever used them.

  2. I had the picture of Peter Rabbit in bed but in the bowl form. It was always what mum used to serve my favourite meal (macaroni cheese) when I was sick. It got broken but it was always a special bowl for me, in fact seeing the picture of yours brings back all sorts of memories. I'm glad I was allowed to use it and not just look at it in a display case.


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