Friday, 29 July 2016

Going To Pot

I posted last week about the Norwich Shawls and the exhibition in October. There are two parts - the display of shawls, and a second exhibition of contemporary artwork inspired by the shawls. What I failed to say then [because I hadn't completed the project] is that I am entering a piece into the Exhibition. Photographs of entries [plus the £10 fee] have to be sent in by 1st August, then the judges will decide which pieces will be put on show. If mine is selected then it will go up to the Cathedral at the end of September and be put on show. I have no idea if I stand the remotest chance of winning a place. This is, I think, the first time in my life I have ever entered anything in an Art Exhibition. But I have had such fun producing my entry.
The entry from required a full description of the piece plus a photograph of the whole exhibit and a second 'detail' picture.
So here it is...
“Trilogy” is inspired by three things about the Norwich Shawl – it keeps the wearer warm, envelops the plainest dress in something beautiful and links with India [the Victorians’ “Jewel in the Crown”] I made three tea cosies- these keep tea warm, make plain pots beautiful, and may have Indian tea inside.  Three needlecraft techniques- knitting, tapestry and appliqué, embellished with crochet, beading, and embroidery. Three materials – wools, cottons, silks. Designs inspired by the flowers, leaves and boteh motifs of the shawls. I learned needlecraft growing up in Norfolk –now living in Dorset, so incorporated a traditional Dorset button.

In the unlikely event of my tea cosies achieving a place in the Cathedral, I will let you know!


  1. They are beautiful, and certainly should be selected.

  2. Beautiful, inspired and inspiring! Why on earth wouldn't they want them?!

  3. If they don't achieve a 'first', you'll have been robbed!the whole concept and storyline of your teapots is highly inspirational. Well done you.


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