Thursday, 21 July 2016

This Heat Is Terrific - But Also Sudorific!

That's my new word for the month - it means 'sweat inducing' . Forget all that stuff about 'horses sweat, men perspire, and ladies gently glow' - I turn into a damp, tomato coloured wreck. And I up my liquid intake - usually with tea. 
I am like Rose in C S Forester's book African Queen" [so wonderfully portrayed by Katherine Hepburn in the film]
"Tea! Heat and thirst and excitement had done their worst for Rose. She was limp and weary and her throat ached. The imminent prospect of a cup of tea roused her to trembling excitement. Twelve cups of tea each Samuel and she had drunk daily for years...Tea! A cup of tea! Two cups of tea! Half a dozen great mugs, strong, delicious, revivifying......She gulped down mug after mug. For a moment her body temperature shot up to fever heat, but presently there came a blissful perspiration - a beneficent and cooling fluid, bringing with it a feeling of ease and well being. "Those Belgians up at the mine wouldn't never drink tea" said Allnutt..."they didn't know what was good"
I spent two days with Liz, Jon and Rosie this week, as I had WWDP stuff up in London, and Liz served me the most delicious caffeine free iced tea. She gave me the simple recipe.
Put 5 redbush tea bags and ¼ cup sugar into a saucepan. Add 2 litres of boiling water. Brew for 3 minutes. REMOVE THE TEA BAGS. Now simmer until liquid reduced by half.

Let that cool, and pour into a bottle. Store in the fridge. When you need a refreshing drink, use this syrup as a base, and top up with water [plain or sparkling] and lots of ice. Add lemon slices, mint leaves or sugar to taste. Cool!

Thanks Liz

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  1. Iced tea sounds good. Might make some today.


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