Saturday, 16 July 2016

Look Out For SuperGran

Liz and Steph suggested I ought to do the abseil in costume as Spiderman. Which left me thinking about SuperHeroes and who my favourite one might be. Then I remembered this tune, by that great Scottish poet Billy Connolly. It's the theme tune to a TV programme my girls loved watching back in the mid-80s when they were in playgroup...
Stand back Superman, Iceman, Spiderman.
Batman and Robin too
Don’t wanna cause a fracas, but BA Baracas,
have I got a match for you.
She makes them look like a bunch of fairies.
She’s got more bottle than United Dairies.
Hang about - Look out! For SuperGran.
You can take your heroes, your Robert De Niros.
Your Al Pacinos too.
They say Stallone is just another phoney.
He couldn’t lace his shoes.
After her they’re all big girls blouses
She’s got more front than a row of houses
Hang about - Look out! For SuperGran
Well, that was a start - but I wasn't sure I wanted to dress like Gudrun Ure on her 'flycycle' - it's not easy to come down the side of the church tower in a skirt and beret like that. But I would like to be a SuperGran for little Rosie.

Other female role models? well, there's always Abby Sciuto, the female forensic scientist on NCIS played by the irrepressible Pauley Perette. 
Perhaps there's a way of combining the two... Out came the embroidery machine, and a pair of red overalls...and I have a comfortable, practical outfit for today's adventure. 
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If you remember, and praying is your habit, then I am making my leap of faith at midday today, and would appreciate all the support I can get. I am surprisingly anxious about the whole enterprise.
Safely back on terra firma. It was great fun [mostly] butI shall not be rushing to do it again [nor bungees, parachutes or wingwalks either] Over £300 raised. Thank you all!!


  1. Go, girl, go!!!! (And rather you than me.)

  2. Supergran was great and so are you. You are very brave and I wish you luck and enjoy the view before you journey downwards.

  3. Of course you are anxious, but also very brave. I'll be 'with you' at midday.

  4. I hope it all went well today. You really are a Supergran!!x great outfit too. X


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