Monday, 11 July 2016

In The Library With The Lead Piping!

Our Cluedo set is here at Cornerstones. We haven't played it for ages. Our last family board game marathon was with Steph and Mark over Christmas when we played 
The Settlers of Catan [this game is over 20 years old, and originated in Germany - it is great fun]
I enjoy board games which require thought and strategy - and certainly think SofC is a pleasant change from Monopoly!
But this week comes news that Cluedo is going to change! - this game was invented by a Brit over 70 years ago, but then bought by the US firm Parker Bros. Then giant toy makers Hasbro purchased it.

Aficionados will be familiar with the six characters usually in the Cluedo box
 I understand that in the States, Rev Green is just Mr Green, and Miss Scarlet is spelled with only one t.

But the powers that be have decided that Mrs White the housekeeper is rather an anachronism - so she is going.

Her replacement is Dr Orchid. It appears that Dr O has a PhD in plant toxicology, and grew up at Tudor Mansions [the scene of the crime] and was home-schooled there by Mrs White. Ms Orchid is the adopted daughter of Dr Black [the murder victim] and came here as an immigrant in her childhood. 
So here is the new incarnation of the Cluedo Cast List

Prof Plum, Dr Orchid and Rev Green on the top row. Mrs Peacock, Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlett on the bottom. 
They all look capable of murder to me [altho I think the Rev may have just escaped from an HTB Alpha Course]

I wonder how long the crusty imperialist Colonel will hang on to his corner of the box. He is an anachronism too, surely? 

Perhaps we should dust off the old board and have another game. 
The best Cluedo players I know are the Athroll Family of Suffolk, who used to play in French. That's a great way of improving a child's language skills!
Quelle horreur! Pauvre Madame Blanche. Elle a été tué dans la cuisine!


  1. Ooh, how very strange and modern!! I haven't played it for so long that I can't remember how!

  2. I don't think I'll be rushing out to buy the new version. I'm happy with anachronisms. Somebody recommended Settlers of Catan to me at Christmas, as being a board game that is exciting for all ages. Now you've endorsed it I shall definitely put it on the shopping list.

  3. Change for no real reason. Cluedo was fine as it was!

  4. When Laura was little we picked up a cludo game from a charity shop. It had the peace of pipe missing so we made a paper one. I also made some of the tick off cards too as they were running out.
    I think the new one is looking very modern.


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