Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Ang Grills Bear About Scout Uniforms

No not him - that chap is Chief Scout, Bear Grylls.
No, I had to grill a bear called Bert from Lancashire.
Here he is on a trip to Dorset, with the Baden Powell Statue on Poole Quay
How big is your chest Bert?  10"
How long is your body?  4"
How long are your arms?  3"
How fat is your tummy?  12"
Why do you need a shirt?
I'm going to a Scout Jamboree in Poland with my friend James in August, and I need a uniform.
Anything else?
Can it have a pocket and a button-down collar, please?

So I got out my folder of teddy patterns, and then realised I don't have any small teddies around for modelling purposes. But Snoopy is just about the same dimensions.

The hardest challenge was the collar, but I got it to work, and opted for press studs under the front flap rather than the faff of button holes. I was quite pleased with the shirt once I had finished.

My blogfriend Carolyn will provide the 'necker' [that is the triangular scarf thing] in the correct colours] 
Then I realised there was no promise badge on the pocket - quick bit of embroidery onto some purple felt...
Final outfit [with temporary necker]

I hope Bert-The-Bear enjoys his trip to Poland - maybe he will actually get to meet Grylls-The -Bear while he is there.
I made one final modification - I wasn't happy with the colour of the shirt- it needed to be browner, and less grey.
Soaking the shirt in tea overnight definitely improved the colour.  
You can see the difference below.


  1. Wow you are so clever with a needle and some fabric. I'm sure there will be one happy scout off to Poland.

  2. Perfect! I'm sure Bear will be very happy in his uniform.


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