Saturday, 30 July 2016

Kids Club 2016

Lots of fun and laughter this year, with our Wild West Theme
Day 1 - Will Bob Hiccup was ready bright and early

Great drama from the teenagers, lots of singing, games and dancing plus Drench The Wench and Soak The Bloke [leaders Josh and Aimee]

Day 2 - cowboy hat cakes, covered wagon bags, more drenching! [leaders Hannah and Tom]
Day 3 - bunting from Day 2, sheriff's badges, cactus cans [made on Day 1] - and the discovery that little squares of tissue [intended for craftwork]are wonderful to blow around the table like wedding confetti.
Then The Youth Minister and The Pastor lost the plot
first the silly string

...then the Custard Pies we all voted that they should be the ones for the cold shower!
It has been a great Club - with the Family Fun Day this afternoon, and Closing Service tomorrow morning yet to come. Thank you to everyone who made it so special. What a privilege to work with a team like this!


  1. We call it Vacation Bible School here in Canada. The kids always have a blast. Looks like it was great fun.

  2. It is always hard work - but so rewarding!One child asked me this afternoon if I LIVED at the Church - I think he assumes I never go off the premises!

  3. Oh it sounds wonderful! I MISS doing Whizzbang at my old church. It stopped sadly when our new vicar came!


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