Monday, 25 July 2016

Holt ! Who Goes There?

We did - we went to Holt a couple of weekends ago when we were up at Cornerstones. I wanted to look at the exhibition of paintings by Kieron Williamson. This lad is 14 - but possessed of a phenomenal talent. Here are a few of his pieces - he lives and works in Norfolk, where he paints lots of agricultural views - but he also loves to visit Cornwall and paint seascapes and fishermen. He even painted a dragon for Norwich's dragon parade. too
Check out his website here. The staff at The Gallery spoke of him as a really pleasant young man - generous and friendly - but with a great future ahead of him.
After being blown away by the artwork, we went off to the Folly Tearoom in Hopper's Yard for a cup of tea. 
This is very stylish - the gardens were a symphony of pink blossoms - with toning parasols. Even though it is in the middle of a bustling little town, the tea garden feels peaceful and secluded. 
Inside there were cakestands laden with delicate fancies for elegant dining.
Outside, in the public courtyard, doors marked with two deer heads with pink and blue ribbons indicated the loos. I have never seen quite such a posh coat hook in a public loo before!!
I still haven't got the hang of taking selfies with my new phone. I think my arms are too short - but I refuse to get one of those stick thingies.
Our other outing was a walk on the Sunday afternoon to Foxley Wood. The flowers and foliage were gorgeous, and the moths and butterflies utterly amazing.
I checked up on the blue one with the red spots. I think it is a six-spot Burnet [Zygaena filipendulae]  , but I am not sure. It was certainly a beauty.
Bob took this selfie in the sunshine.
What a glorious county Norfolk is - looking forward to being back there again soon.


  1. Just visited Keirons website. What an amzing talent this young lad has.

  2. What a very talented young man he is. I so hope he keeps his 'innocence' amongst the fame that is surely coming his way.

  3. What an amazing artist he is. They are beautiful!!


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