Saturday, 23 November 2019

A Fine Kettle Of Fish

I finally got round to making the Christmas Cake and Puds this week. Bob and I decided that rather than one large pud, I should make individual ones- I have some little silicone moulds which are just the right size. And If you have a big one, it is tempting to eat too much...
So I shut myself in the kitchen with all the ingredients and a play on the radio and set to...
The cake was mixed, and put into the tin - same recipe as ever, the Good Housekeeping one I've used for over 40 years.
But I still miss the girls helping to give everything a stir - even though it's decades since they left home. Maybe one year soon I shall have Rosie's help...
Then once the cake was in the oven, I started making the mix for the puds.  or the last few of years, I have steamed my puddings in the fish kettle. 
This sits happily across two rings on the hob, and bubbles away efficiently. Small puddings don't take too long.
So I called Bob through to the kitchen, to ask him to fetch the fish kettle down from the top cupboard. "I think there's something in it" he said. There was...

Two large puddings from Christmas 2018! I had completely forgotten they were up there. [in my defence, I wasn't very well in January, and overlooked many, many trivial things] They looked and smelled fine. So one has already been eaten. 
This year's smaller puddings have been put into a large, labelled Tupperware box. At least Xmas Puds don't "go off" if properly wrapped. But had I realised they were up there, would I have bothered to make 10 small ones?
The cake turned out beautifully - but after last year's icing fiasco I shall endeavour to get it marzipanned and iced before it travels up to East Anglia!


  1. My practice the last few years has been to cook two Christmas puddings every other year. The second one is stored for the year in the garage. It is always perfectly fine to eat a year later.

  2. I looked at Google to see how Christmas pudding is made, and I read that you could keep it for two years! I have never tasted it. It sounds good!

  3. Oh how funny, Ang, to find 2 puddings you didn't even remember were there! As you say, good job they don't go off.

  4. Haha, I wondered what you were going to find in it? Glad it was something pleasant and not a family of spiders or something! (We learnt today that the Baptist church had had an infestation of False Widows which had to be fumigated...and Richard was talking about phobias as part of his sermon fear and so they are rather on the mind!!!). I am afraid to say I dislike both Christmas pudding AND Christmas cake (and minced pies and essentially, anything containing cooked dried fruit!). I hope you enjoy them!

  5. P.S. Having gone off into the rabbit hole of your old blog posts, I laughed out loud, again, at your description of the Stable looking like a Macclesfield bus stop!

    1. Looking back at Old Blog Posts is indeed like falling down a rabbit hole


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