Thursday, 7 November 2019

You're A Brick, Angela!

This wonderful study of 'fiction for girls 1839-1975' was first published in 1976, around the time of my 21st birthday. I never actually owned a copy - but some friends made me a huge birthday card covered with reviews and press cuttings. I remembered it last week in Bury St Edmunds, when I bought my brick "That brick represents you, and your involvement in this project" said the lady behind the desk.
And here it is! I paid £1 for the privilege of adding a small Lego brick to a structure will will eventually join on to a much larger model. This will form part of the scale model of St Edmundsbury Cathedral. This has been designed in conjunction with the amazing Bright Bricks Company 
Even if you haven't heard of BBC [the Lego one, not the broadcasters] you have probably seen their creations. They specialise in making models out of Lego bricks - using only the ones that are available to the public, not specially created components.
This model has been going about 3 years [Durham, Exeter and Chester Cathedral are also doing similar projects] and will involve over 200, 000 bricks to create a perfect model of the Cathedral [Facebook page and lots of pictures here]
Different views of the progress so far.
It is so cleverly thought out too - in one corner of the model there is a model of the model ['and that little blue person is me' said the lady who was supervising the building]
She also pointed out a lego workman in a high viz vest wielding a power tool."He represents the section being worked on today. Your brick will go there at the top of the column in the Nave"
And yes, they are quite serious about using existing bricks from the Lego range.

The candlesticks under the lampshades in  the choir stalls are made from the hilts of Lego Star Wars lightsabers. 
It seems that many of the younger visitors recognise these immediately. The lady spent ages explaining things to me, and pointing out details.
The original BrightBricks design is a model of the Cathedral as it is now. But one junior resident of the town felt that there should be some recognition of the saintly King who gave his name to the place.
So he donated the 'King' piece from his own Lego castle set. And the ecclesiastical powers-that-be graciously accepted his gift, and stood the little monarch alongside the altar.[even though he's probably not technically in the right clothing]
I was happy to donate my £1 - all the money is going towards [a] improving the visitor facilities at the Cathedral and [b] to fund a youth and children's worker** for the Diocese. To very appropriate and worthy destinations for the dosh, I think.
There was so much that was memorable about our visit to B St E - we must definitely go again sometime!

 **and I pray that this youth worker will help 'build the church' in a way which is even more longlasting and meaningful than merely assembling Lego bricks.


  1. I'm glad you liked BSE and the Cathedral model has grown since I saw it last year

    1. It's a well organised project, and I shall enjoy watching the progress

  2. That's a superb idea!!! I hope they raise lots of money.x

  3. I like this idea! It looks great, and nice that they only use existing bricks. We have a huge box with Legos from when our sons used Lego, maybe I should start on a project :D

    1. Perhaps they could make a model of your family home?

  4. What a great thing to do as a community x

  5. Sounds like a wonderful project to be involved in!


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