Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Gazing At A Gazebo Intently

"What's the difference between a tent, a gazebo and a marquee?" mused Bob as we drove through the Norfolk countryside one day last week.
"A tent is a simple fabric shelter, a marquee is a big posh tent, and a gazebo is something without walls you gaze out of and say 'Bo!' to passers-by" I replied.
He laughed, and proceeded to check the etymology. So now we know
Tent this word comes from a Latin word meaning a stretched piece of fabric.
Marquee is from the French marquise - [the Brits misunderstood and thought it was a plural] and referred to a fancy linen canopy placed over a tent to make it posh for the officers.
And Gazebo is cod-Latin. Videbo is the Latin for "I see" so gazebo = I gaze [because my rent has no walls] I felt quite smug that my guessed definitions were pretty accuare!
Our old pop-up gazebo was retired this summer after the celebration tea in August. The frame was really bent and it was unstable. We'd had many years of good use from it.
But we kept the walls - I was sure I could make use of the large pieces of blue fabric.
I spread out one wall, and from it I cut out three pieces to make dust covers for Jon's record decks. And I also cut out some larger strips to make some dividers. 
This is the case for microphone stands I got for £2.50 from the Scrapstore in September. A lot of calculations and use of clothespegs enabled me to make an inner cylinder with six sections. Bob stuck it in place with his hot glue gun. 
Now Jon has a set of dust covers, and Bob has a useful case for his microphone stands. Creative recycling at it's best. 
Thanks for all the kind comments yesterday. We got back to Dorset safely, just in time to listen to The Archers! 


  1. That type of recycling is very clever! The microphone case sounds very tricky! I'm impressed with how you did that. I really should learn to sew so I can do useful recycling. I liked your apt descriptions of the 3 canvas structures!

  2. And now we know! :)

    That is so wonderful that you found ways to reuse the fabric from your gazebo. Very creative of you!


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