Saturday, 2 November 2019

Breakfast In Ber Street

That's pronounced Burr not Bear.  We started at the John Lewis end, by the marker for the old Great Cockley river. This part of Norwich is full of history. Two hundred years ago, this street was where many slaughterhouses and butchers were located. It was nicknamed "Blood and Guts Street"
Over the years the street saw many changes. The Italian immigrants who came to Norwich settled here, then the area was condemned and a slum clearance programme was set in place 60 years ago. But now this street is home to a few small businesses (and a large motorcycle dealers) With John Lewis on the corner it is only a short walk to the heart of the city.
Passing the store and the business next door [with a Beach Boys quote] we came to Brooke Place. An attractive piece of modern art and a bench made it a peaceful retreat [a good place for workers to enjoy their sandwiches] 
We were going further on to the Ber Street Kitchen. This opened about eighteen months ago, and has had rave reviews. The FryUp Inspector recently praised their Sunday Roast menu, and they've been fully booked every weekend since. 
We'd intended to arrive before 9am, but an incident on the A47 held up the traffic, and it was gone 9:30.

The staff were so friendly. The menu was very diverse, and we watched other diners tucking into variations on The Full English, and trendy Smashed Avos, Eggs Benedict and Salads. There was a good selection of hot and cold beverages. Bob tried Matcha Tea - but didn't really enjoy it. 
We opted for Pancakes. Bob went savoury - bacon and maple Syrup. I chose sweet - fruit compote, Greek yogurt and honey. Very fresh, excellent flavours, cooked to order. 
Not exactly budget dining - but OK for a holiday treat. And very filling - when I pointed out later that it was lunchtime Bob said he wasn't really hungry, which is unusual for him. 
The decor was interesting - industrial/steampunk/hipster. A huge pair of bellows in the corner. French bistro tables and copper pipes in the loo. This cafe is well worth a visit

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  1. Thank you for letting me be an armchair traveler, once again! Those breakfasts look great! In fact, you have inspired me to make pancakes for my own brunch, today! :)


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