Monday, 4 November 2019

Happy Birthday, Bob

The last twelve months have been rather mixed.
Great celebrations - our niece Lucy's wedding, our own Ruby Anniversary, a great-nephew born last month, lots of good things at church, and the news of another grandchild on the way.
But also sadness at the loss of some dear friends and family members. And we've both had unexpected health issues. 
I am so pleased that this week in Norfolk has been so relaxing and you're looking very much brighter. 
Have a brilliant time today - and may God fill the year ahead with many blessings and moments of joy, and surround you with love and peace. 
Happy Birthday, Bob xxx


  1. Happy birthday Bob! And enjoy that break.

  2. Happy birthday, Bob! Best wishes for good health and happiness in the coming year.

  3. Happy Birthday Pastor Bob (trendiest Rev I've ever seen!).

  4. Happy birthday to Bob and I hope he has a great day.

  5. Happy birthday Bob - and may you both enjoy this lovely break.

  6. Happy Birthday Bob, and many happy returns too.

  7. Happy birthday dear Bob! I hope the next year for you is less eventful in the health stakes but restful but fulfilling! He is a gem, that Almond of yours!


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