Tuesday, 12 November 2019

I Take My Hat Off To You For This Tutorial...

... as the Actress said to the Bishop.
I just have to share this one- because it is so easy and you just never know when someone will need to dress as a Pope, or a Bishop. I wanted to make a Mitre for the bishop in the play, so I looked on Pinterest for inspiration. 
Believe or not, there are dozens of these hats online - mainly posted by Catholic friends- it seems that when the Bishop [or even the Pope] visits their parishes, the children love to dress up. 
You remember those paper hats we made as children from folded newspapers?
Well if you make two, and fold one round and tuck it into the other, you end up with a bishop's hat.
I looked at the many online instructions [such as these] and began with a paper version, then attempted to make a hat using the leftover purple fabric.
It was a bit floppy at first.
I realised I needed to actually sew the centre slit closed, and put some card triangles into the hat for stiffening [cereal packet weight] 
Having done that, I wrapped them round and sewed them together at the side edges, and then trimmed the hem with a piece of decorative ribbon. This worked really well. I stitched the top points together, and here's my Mitre.

Now if only Bob were a member of the Anglican clergy, I could happily spend all my time making embroidered ecclesiastical vestments for him...


  1. It looks great! Very clever! I like seeing the different vestments, particularly the Stoles which clergy I know wear. The Archdeacon of West Ham used to have West Ham shields on his one. David, the Bishop of Barking also had good ones. We used to love it when he came to take services at my old church, All Saints. He always bought props too!x

  2. The nearest Bob gets to "special vestments" is his collection of Advent ties. He has a whole set of Christmas ones which he wears in rotation for all the December Services

  3. Hi Angela, I read your blog every day and find it enjoyable and interesting. I live locally and my Grandaughter is in her last year at Ferndown First School. The costumes look great.

  4. Thank you Lesley. The children are delightful and it is real pleasure to work with them on their Big Production like this. I hope you are able to see the performance


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