Sunday, 24 November 2019

Have Mercy, Lord.

I am just so saddened by the state of our nation at the moment; Inequality between rich and poor, racial tension, unemployment, people made homeless by floods, fires, and other misfortunes, family disharmony... In recent days I have found myself singing Graham Kendrick's song as a prayer
In the Father heart of God
For the children we've rejected
For the lives so deeply scarred?
And each light that we've extinguished
Has brought darkness to our land
Upon our nation, upon our nation
Have mercy, Lord

We have scorned the truth you gave us
We have bowed to other lords
We have sacrificed the children
On the altars of our gods
O let truth again shine on us
Let your holy fear descend
Upon our nation, upon our nation
Have mercy, Lord

Who can stand before your anger?
Who can face your piercing eyes?
For you love the weak and helpless
And you hear the victims' cries
Yes, you are a God of justice
And your judgement surely comes
Upon our nation, upon our nation
Have mercy, Lord

Who will stand against the violence?
Who will comfort those who mourn?
In an age of cruel rejection
Who will build for love a home?
Come and shake us into action
Come and melt our hearts of stone
Upon your people, upon your people
Have mercy Lord.

Who can sound the depths of mercy
In the Father heart of God?
For there is a Man of sorrows
Who for sinners shed his blood
He can heal the wounds of nations
He can wash the guilty clean
Because of Jesus, because of Jesus
Have mercy, Lord


  1. I think not just your nation, but, the whole world is in need of mercy! Not to mention all of us who are living in it!

  2. It's so sad, isn't it. That thug in the balaclava in your picture showing the flag saying, 'Refugees not welcome' saddens me more than anything. How can you openly display your hatred and fear like that?
    Wisdom begins with fear of the Lord is the message I got from today's sermon. So much hatred is fear. Everyone needs to know and fear the Lord. And then comes love and hope.x

  3. I think we need that prayer in Norway too.

    1. As Bless says, the whole world needs our prayers...

  4. While not to minimize those who have been going through some very stressful situations recently - I also think that many people need to realize how well off they are compared to many in this world.
    The "ME ME M" mentality these days is truly appalling - it's as though the world has lost it's moral compass.
    I'm so tired of all the complaints and divisiveness (much of it self-inflicted) that perhaps it's time one of our so-called leaders pointed out how well off many of us are and that perhaps we should focus on doing something constructive to help others instead of constantly complaining and demonstrating in the streets. I know that protests have their place but I think energy directed towards volunteering to actually HELP would be far more constructive.

    1. Is there not a place for words AND deeds? To speak out for those who are genuinely in need - and to work to help improve their situation.

  5. oh I so agree
    My country is a country I can't just don't know anymore
    very night I say to my husband after watching the news
    I have no words
    Where are we when we put children in cages?
    We can pry
    I know God sees all


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