Monday, 25 November 2019

Christmas Fog Warning

Did you know that the festive season is one of the worst times of the year for FOG-related problems? Not fog, the meteorological condition where water droplets in the atmosphere restrict our visibility - but FOG which stands for Fats/Oil/Grease.
We've all heard of the problems relating to people flushing wetwipes down the loo. These wipes are mostly made of plastic fibre, they do not decompose, and they cause major blockages in the sewers. Our water companies are reminding us to "only flush the 3Ps - pee/poo/paper"
But if any items which will not decompose get into our sewers, via the loo, or the sink, or the drains, then they will accumulate and become gross 'fatbergs' which will block the sewers and cause all sorts of nastiness. Local papers frequently show photographs of these, to alert the public to the issue- the Museum of London even has one on display in a glass cabinet!
These solid items are able to amass into a berg because they collect the fats, oils and grease which are also in the water, and then congeal into solid lumps.
People who are very diligent about not flushing the wrong things down the loo can sometimes be a little more forgetful when it comes to the kitchen sink.
Ferndown is in the Wessex Water region, and they clear 13,000 blockages every year, costing more than £5million. WW have reminded us to be more thoughtful when we are preparing our festive feasts, and think carefully about how we dispose of FOG. Because FOG CLOGS!

Here are some top tips to avoid fat, oil and grease clogging our drains and building up in the sewer.
·         Save it - Use containers like butter tubs or yoghurt pots can all be used to collect cooled fat and oil – then just put them in the bin
·         Scrape it– scrape any leftover food, or grease and fat residue from plates, pans or cooking utensils into the food waste bin
·         Separate it - use a bathroom bin for anything that isn’t pee, poo or paper
·         Strain it – use a sink strainer or drain protector in the bathroom and kitchen to stop hair, food bits etc blocking your drain.
·         Sort it - compost your food waste [uncooked fruit and vegetable peelings]
 So please remember to deal with FOG sensibly. It is easy to develop lazy habits when you are tired and there is a huge Christmas Meal to clear away. And occasionally family members who don't normally venture into the kitchen offer their help - make sure they know what they should be doing!


  1. Thank you for this timely reminder! Clogged drains are not fun!

  2. Am not really expert about most things but am almost religious about this. I have a borderline allergic reaction to stuff like hair and grease all balled together - it makes me wretch so all members of the family have become very diligent about disposing of this stuff properly over the years


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