Friday, 29 November 2019


Kezzie asked about Lightopia - well, it is an amazing outdoor experience which we visited in Manchester on Saturday night with Steph and Gary. S&G had bought tickets as Bob's birthday present. We had such a fun evening
The event was held in Heaton Park [Europe's largest municipal park] and we wrapped ourselves up well, against the rain and cold and got the tram to the venue. Our timed tickets said we were booked for 5pm entry. There was a huge queue when we got there- we all seemed to have 5pm tickets!
There was a clearly marked route to walk all around the park, looking at the light displays. They seemed to be made of wire frames covered with colourful ripstop nylon, with electric lights inside. Also there were lights playing on the trees and ground as you walked past.
There were so many things to see.
It was hard to take photos of the light displays with my camera - this was the entrance with fairies guiding the way.
There were animals, plants, Chinese characters, vehicles, and the inevitable Manchester bees. 
At one point, there was a special light display over the water which we stood and watched
Then we walked along to the food area. It was raining and chilly and we needed some refreshment. Bob and I opted for chicken paella. It proved to be good value for money both in terms of taste and portion size. "This chicken paella is really good!" I said to the guy selling it. "Can you say that in a louder voice, please?" he asked, grinning.
So I did, in what Bob calls my Best Playground Voice -I hope it got him a few more customers!
I liked this event - plenty to see, good walkways for families, buggies and wheelchairs, plenty of food, decent loos, and easy access via the trams as well as onsite parking.
I found the official 2 minute video online - watch it and enjoy!

I'm increasingly concerned about firework displays. This had the same magic and sparkle- but none of the scary bangs, and it can be repeated night after night - and relocated to different locations. Thank you Steph and Gary, for a thoughtful and creative experience we could all enjoy. 


  1. Thanks for sharing. It sounds wonderful! I don't really enjoy fireworks displays for the same reason as you with the bangs. Also, just too many people were at the last one I went to-it felt unsafe.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful evening!


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