Sunday, 10 November 2019

We Will Remember Them...


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    1. I know you will mark Veterans' Day tomorrow in the USA , Bless - but will the churches also be holding special services on the nearest Sunday as we do here in the UK?

  2. What a wonderful evening last night in the Albert Hall, one of their best I think.

    1. A number of folk at church today agree with you (I've yet to watch the programme) I felt sad for the Queen at the Cenotaph this morning.

  3. In Canada we have most of our services on November 11th however, we also have special church services the Sunday before - so today.
    We are the home church of the 48th Highlanders' Regiment so we had a piper, a bugler and one of their officers laid the remembrance wreath and did today's scripture readings. It is always a well attended service and very meaningful.


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