Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Going Home - But The Puzzle Remains Unsolved

San Francisco 
Four lovely jigsaws, all completed. But no, that missing piece has not turned up. I kept hoping that one of the other jigsaw bags would contain a spare Parisian piece. 
And Cornerstones is all tidied up ready for our return today.
It has been a good break, for which we are both grateful. 
We've had lots of quality time with friends and family. Bob is noticeably better. And I am heaps more confident about driving the Skoda. 


  1. Maybe the piece was missing when the puzzles were boxed up at the factory. I've had that happen to me with new puzzles I've bought.

    Glad you've had a relaxing holiday. Hope you have a safe drive back.

  2. What a shame about that piece! Tis certainly a mystery! I'm very glad the break has been good for you and Bob.

  3. That is a lot of jigsaws - did it rain a lot?? Glad you had a lovely time with friends and family it will have been a nice rest and no doubt you will feel quite revived and ready to face the 'busyness' at home again.

  4. With your skills I wonder if you might be abe to make a piece to fit?

  5. What good news, I am happy for you.
    Our local library used to put out wooden puzzles in the Children's library and they could do them right there, without checking them out. Needless to say many pieces went missing. We got the idea to take them home and fix them. Fairly easy since they were wood. My husband used his saw to cut the piece shape and I painted it to match. A cardboard piece is impossible.


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