Wednesday, 20 November 2019

This Is A Con, Marie!

Five years ago, Marie Kondo introduced the world to her KonMari method of tidying and decluttering. She wasn't the first to try and get us to do this - I checked back and discovered I did someone else's declutter challenge more than 10 years ago.  
I admit that I'm still a work in progress, and admire my daughter's determination - she's way better than I am at this.
But what has really annoyed me this week is the news that Ms Kondo has opened her own shop. Having got rid of 95% of your stuff, you can buy other stuff to replace it.
Now I'm keen on good design, items that work well, and prefer to buy "things to last" rather than cheap plastic tat. 
But $65 for a brass bottle opener? No way would I spend that! Especially when the instructions warn you not to drop it, or hit it. My steel one is ancient and tough as old boots, and it cost next to nothing. Or $60 for a French Market tote? 
I made mine 5 years ago with £1 of jute string from Wilko. And it does the job and I love it. 
I'm bothered that the people who are following KonMari methods to get their homes in order will feel the need to spend a fortune on "authentic" homewards from the online shop. 

You can declutter, and work towards minimalism but keep the best of the stuff you already have. You shouldn't feel pressured into buying costly replacements. Credit card debts do not "spark joy" for anybody! 


  1. Yes that is a bit of a con isn't it?! So many end up going down this route though... even with the getting rid of plastics...why get rid of a perfectly good plastic container when it still can be used, and can have years of life left in it. I have read blogs where people have replaced their plastic containers with so called more 'friendly' items...yet what do they think this meant? Yes yet more plastic in landfill that was unnecessary! Off my soap box now ;)

  2. I've done the KM method - but feel no need to re-fill my house with more 'things' :) I now ask for consumables as gifts (nice toiletries, face creams, edibles, candles etc) or experiences (afternoon tea being a favourite!)

    And plastics.... it also annoys me when people throw away perfectly good items just because they are plastic - I have Tupperware in daily use bought 30 years ago - it's still going strong and I see to need to change it - that would be a financial cost to me and an environmental cost re throwing away the items. I don't think people realise how daft they can be.....

  3. Oh, that's too funny that she has opened up a shop! :)

  4. Oh my goodness - that's crazy......just pondering on when a shopping bag turned into a "Market Tote"?

  5. Well said " Credit card debt does not spark joy."

  6. The thing is, I bet loads of people will buy things. More money than sense as my old Nana used to say. Also, did you really make that bag out of string? It's lovely

    1. Thank you. I did get blisters doing the Crochet!

  7. Madness. Any time anyone talks about some sort of 'decluttering guru' my hackles automatically rise!


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