Tuesday 22 August 2023

At My Own Convenience, Flushed With Success

Monday was a Catch Up Day. Steph and Co have returned to Manchester, so the bed linen and towels are washed, dried and replaced in the back room. I am expecting another overnight guest yet, but it is always good to be ready. The twin beds are pushed together and I made a 'foam fillet' which fills in the small gap - with a huge sheet across the lot, we have a Super King Size mattress.
George slept in between his Mum and Dad, and it worked well. 
I did a quick top up shop [eggs, milk, bread, butter] and labelled my eggs. Four at the front need to be used up first!
The loo has had a leak - I came back from my Craft Group to find Bob on his knees, fixing the issue. I really appreciate this as I know he loathes plumbing!
Unfortunately the water was turned off and the WC out of action. I popped over to my elderly neighbour and borrowed her bathroom, and also filled a jug in the kitchen for making  tea. She was amused.
I missed yesterday's Garden Club Show. Looking at my friend's photos I realise I would not have stood a chance. The carrot competition required "Three identical carrots"
I harvested seven carrots - six ranging from short and slim, to long and chunky - plus one bizarre trinitarian offering.

Maybe next year I will have a presentable crop and something to enter into a competition. I'm following Sue's Ration Blog with interest, and having enjoyed an entirely home grown salad again for lunch on Monday I can see why the WW2 Dig For Victory campaign was so successful. 
I hope the sun continues to ripen my tomatoes. I was glad to get back to the Craft Group yesterday and catch up with friends - and have made a good start on my August Cross Stitch [only 10 days left in the month though]
Our football team tried their hardest, and it must have been hard to have everybody pin their hopes on you to win....and then lose, especially when you 'left everything' out there  [oops, Rishi!]

Steph WhatsApped at lunchtime to say she'd gone outside her office and found the place swarming with reporters- [she's quite near to Manchester Crown Court] They were all there for the Letby Trial. So terribly, terribly sad - and traumatic for families having to relive the awful experiences, and hear what was said by solicitors and judges.
Football trophies and prize carrots are trivial in comparison to these losses, this unending overwhelming grief, experienced by ordinary families in Cheshire. My heart aches for all those involved


  1. Busy busy day! Filled with so many little happinesses! Our lives carry on bustling cheerfully while others have to try and come to terms with some terrible traumas. So fierce a contrast.

    1. Yes indeed. Life is precious, and not to be taken for granted

  2. That three pronged carrot might have won a prize for being the most unusual carrot! Hope Bob was able to fix the leaky toilet.

  3. Of course your carrots will be just as tasty:-)
    Agree about the trial - so very sad for all concerned.
    Alison in Wales x

  4. Did you also name your eggs? I see "Happy", "Grumpy", "Angry" and "Dopy?"
    So sad, I heard that the families who lost babies were unable to give victim impact statements to the nurse. Losing a baby is hard enough without finding out that it wasn't a natural occurrence.

  5. The hardest thing in entering the country shows for me was always getting the matching vegetables. I remember digging up pounds and pounds of potatoes to try and get five matching. I love the eggs, very individual. :-)

    The trial and the news reporting has gone on for such a long time, and the grief the families of the babies have carried for so long is awful, and of course will carry for ever. How she could be allowed to refuse to appear for sentencing I really don't know. Lets hope this law changes very soon.

    1. If it has been harrowing for those of us watching the news, how much worse for those involved...

  6. Love your variety of carrots. One year we grew purple carrots and white carrots and they tasted more peppery so we didn't grow them again.
    I recently sent a child's quilt to a group taking donated quilts to a school in Turkey with extra quilts going to Ukranian refugees. It's what little I can do to make a difference for someone in the world. Weish we mothers could make everyone everywhere understand it's okay to different and best to be knd.


    1. I saw a great t-shirt slogan last week...”in a world where you can be anything, be kind"


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