Wednesday 30 August 2023


Look at this Mahoosive crane outside Sainsburys! With it's jib down like this, it is as long as the store. When I commented on it to Bob, he said "Well, the store must be quite heavy, they'd need a big crane to shift it" 
Which would definitely be shoplifting on a grand scale. It was amazing to be able to get up close - it is right in front of the store entrance. 
There were lots of fascinated children and adults talking about the size - and speculated how they got it there [we think it must have come in the wee small hours, when the car park was empty]
REMINDER - tonight there will be a Blue Super Moon. And there won't be another for about 14 years [according to the media] Look for it at sunset tonight, or just before sunrise tomorrow.


  1. Good Grief, That's Huge. But why? I need to know!

  2. Nobody seemed to know! The crane is from a company in Dagenham I think. But there's no info on their fb page

  3. Biggest crane ever! Hope you got Wordle in one today as I thought of you when I completed it in three this morning. Catriona

  4. I did it in three too! I know many people use it as their 1st word (for the vowels) but I always begin with STARE (most frequently used letters) Julian starts with TIRED because he does it when he gets home from work, and he usually is!

  5. Thanks for the reminder about the moon x
    Alison in Wales x

  6. Holy cow! What a huge crane. I hope you find out what it needed to accomplish so you can tell us!
    Hope we can see the moon tonight.
    It's so humid here the air seems thick.


  7. Cranes are rather scary, as they can topple. But they certainly have their uses. We live in a 2 storey modular home, which arrived on 4 flatbed trucks, accompanied by a crane which lifted them onto the previously poured basement foundation. (Instant house!)

  8. Maybe that crane is delivering a big baby! :D

  9. Oops, hit publish too soon - I meant to say, because the stork couldn't deliver it!


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