Saturday 21 October 2023

Many Happy Returns, Steph!

 What a year it has been - last October Jacob was a few weeks old, and now look at him
George is so much bigger too and well settled at Nursery. You had a great time on Maternity leave, doing all the things that were impossible during George's first few months during lockdown.
The two boys clearly adore each other [most of the time] with you and Gaz as loving parents they are in such a happy family. You've got back into running, and completed a 10K in excellent time in May. And now you are fully back at work - as MD of your company. That's a mind-blowing thought.
We hope you have a wonderful birthday and look forward to seeing you in December. Thanks for all the love and joy you bring


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter! All the best to her!

  2. Wow, MD!! That's amazing! Happy birthday Steph!x

  3. Lovely family photos. Wishing your daughter a very happy birthday. Best wishes Isabel

  4. What a happy family they look. Many happy returns to Steph.

  5. What joyful photos. Wishing your daughter many happy returns for her birthday. Regards Sue H

  6. Wishing your daughter a very happy birthday.

  7. Wonderful photos and hope Steph has a lovely birthday. Not long until December and you will see the Manchester family. Catriona

    1. Thank you C. The festive season will be upon us very shortly!

  8. Happy Birthday Steph. What lovely joyous photos of her little family and I bet you are wishing the hours away until December. Hugs Gill

  9. Lovely photos. Happy birthday Steph!

  10. Wishing Steph a very Happy Birthday and a wonderful, delightful, fun, and satisfying year ahead.
    Great pictures!



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