Saturday 28 October 2023

Mildred And The Ballerina

 One happy little girl at her final fitting session on Wednesday. Jess wanted to dress up too and chose an outfit from Grandma's Box of Costumes. She said Ballerina, I thought Miss Havisham. Then the pair of them sat down to watch Room On The Broom!
The party dress was made for Liz about 35 years ago, using a free pattern from Prima magazine and £2 of fabric. Lots of children have dressed up in it since. 
Just a reminder to UK readers
Don't forget to put your clocks back tonight


  1. You are such a fun grandma! Your sewing skills, Bob's workshop skill and both of you with heaps of general creativity are to be applauded. That with a heap of love and genuine interest in the little ones! You are win/win grandparents for sure! JanF

  2. How adorable and what a wizard their Grandma is!!


  3. Rosie wears her costume with flair, and Jess looks cute, too!

  4. Rosie looks fabulous in that outfit and her smile says it all. Thankgoodness for dressing up boxes so that Jess could find something suitable to wear and we all love Room on a Broom in this household ❤️


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