Sunday, 16 January 2011

Praying For Peru

On Saturday morning we went over to Crosshills Baptist Church for a breakfast meeting with our link missionaries Scott and Anjanette Williamson.

Bob and Scott get on so well together and were joking as they ate their meal. It was really great to see them laughing and chatting. News on the blog is good, but actually having a live conversation is wonderful. Friends in ministry are always very precious.

DSCF1016 After the excellent food, Scott and Anjanette showed pictures and talked about the work in Peru. [Check out their blog – much of the news is there too]


Jess and Sammy were having a lie-in [they had been up late the night before at another meeting]  but S&A had brought along the traditional Peruvian outfit that Jess wears, and also some amazing sandals, made from recycled car tyres [very popular in Cusco, and only costing about 50p a pair!]




I love the bright colours and contrasts on the jacket and skirt, and the lovely trims made from ribbons, buttons, lace and ric-rac.






Lots of women wear these pancake-shaped hats. If you wear it flat on the top of your head, it means you are spoken for, but if you wear it at a jaunty angle, it means you are ‘available’!


I love the rainbow of little felt triangles round the circumference – like mini-bunting!

Scott showed us a DVD explaining why BMS – it takes less than 1½minutes to watch. So go on – check it out!

They went out to Peru in 2008 and have planted a church, and now another couple have just arrived to be the first BMS Youth Workers – and shortly yet another couple will be going to Yucay [where there were terrible floods just a year ago,  near Machu Pichu] to plant a church there.

God bless you, Williamson family – in the remainder of your stay in the UK and as you fly back to Peru in a few week’s time.

It was wonderful to see you again!

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  1. Oh, how I miss rubbing elbows with missionaries. Our home church had over 25 retirees from the field, and it was wonderful.


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