Saturday, 1 January 2011

General Hospital!

Friday night, 10.30pm, we wished each other Goodnight, Happy New Year, and went to sleep – planning to get plenty of rest before our Essex Trip.

Then the phone rang

3 am 

it was a tearful Steph, here…

charcross hosp

…with a broken wrist - a Wii-related injury – sustained at a New Year's Party.

broken wrist

Mark was with her, and Steph said she would keep us informed of developments. Drank tea, felt anxious, and tried to get back to sleep! At 7am, Mark texted to say she was off to have the wrist set.

We got up and went to Essex, to visit my cousin Gill, and her son Julian – and after lunch [and exchange of Christmas gifts] we all went to see my Auntie Peggy in this hospital

 mascalls park hop

[Which is on the point of closure, but that’s another story…]

We have, however, heard some good news from this hospital


Baby Annabelle Grace is out of the Intensive Treatment Unit [thanks for your prayers, friends]

Steph has to go back to the Fracture Clinic next week for more X rays to check the wrist is setting properly.

After all that, we got back to Cornerstones in the early evening and we are looking forward to a good day with Bob’s sister and co tomorrow. Hoping to have no late night phone calls tonight and no hospital news on Sunday! And no long journeys either!


  1. Oh, I hope things are calm for you tonight... If it's any consolation on the silly injuries front, soon after I met Ben he broke his ankle headbanging (for a joke) at a disco.

  2. Happy New Year, Angela! So sorry to hear about Steph's wrist (tho I have to admit I'm curious about how one breaks one's wrist playing Wii--did someone bump into her and she fell?). I hope you are sleeping through the night as I write this.


  3. Oh, I sure hope this is not indicative of your new year!!! Bless you! ~Liz

  4. Oh my - I am glad that S is OK. You never stop worrying about them do you. Thanks for the tips, I really appreicate them.

  5. Oh my goodness. That will have to be your quota of hospitals for the year. Enjoy your days off with the family and I hope the broken wrist will be back to full use before too long.

  6. Not quite the break you had anticipated... hope all is well for Steph and for you all.

    Take care.

  7. Oh dear! That isnt such a good beginning. Praying for no pain and a quick set for the fracture.

  8. Poor Steph - Poor you - always a Mom eh?!! Hope you had a good sleep last night. Great news about the baby - I prayed all through the cooking of the turkey - for the baby not my cooking - lol!
    Happy New Year.

  9. Poor Steph. Hope she mends quickly and gives up Wii! Super news about baby Annabelle Grace..and what a beautiful name!
    Jane x

  10. Yikes! I broke my wrist in that exact spot. Rollerblading . . . badly.
    I had to have a weird external brace/surgery. It took forever to heal, but I was forty something. Here's to a quick mend!

  11. Oh I wish you all recuperative sleep and normal normality! Hope all are now speeding to recovery and an uneventful rest of the month!

  12. Thanks everyone for the comments! LHH, to answer your question, the injury was caused by falling off the end of the sofa whilst getting involved in the dancing game! (and I'm currently very grateful that I too am left-handed!)

  13. Ah those Wii's are dangerous! I'm just about to go on the Wii Fit, I'll take extra care!

    I hope that she feels better soon and that the injury heals quickly.


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