Monday, 24 January 2011

Pies, Praise And Preaching

Apparently yesterday in the USA was National Pie Day. Martha Stewart even had a special craft [here] and so presumably lots of my American friends were eating pie.


I did not celebrate – I prefer World Pie Day [π Day] Which should be celebrated on March 14th [3.14]

But I may make Bob a pie today anyway as I have discovered a pack of frozen shortcrust pastry lurking in the freezer! Today is a Day Off after such a busy weekend, and I plan to do a few relaxing things which I enjoy – bit of cooking, bit of crafting…

I had a lovely Sunday yesterday – in the morning I was preaching at one of the oldest Baptist Churches in Leicester. The building is a magnificent traditional Georgian edifice, with a balcony all round.

central bc leicester

In the evening, Bob and I shared with other friends, in a Churches Together United Service celebrating the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity – in a tiny, humble little tabernacle just up the road. The contrast between the two buildings could not have been greater – but the fellowship, and the joy in worship was equal in both.

We sang older Wesley hymns, and newer Hillsongs pieces…and it was all good. There was the real sense of God’s Spirit leading us, and a genuine desire to share His Love with the surrounding communities.

I watched Songs of Praise on BBC1[iplayer here] Please note, when they are in Lancaster Priory, and the girl hands out some food to an Asian lady and says “There you go” - that is my friend Emily, who grew up in this village – and her parents are good friends at church. I saw my friend on TV!!!!!!!

In the afternoon, I also read this book from cover to cover

smack heads & fat cats

It’s by my mate Chris Duffett, the guy who thought up “Get In The Picture” [here] and is a challenge to re think attitudes to evangelism.

As I read it, I was reminded of another book - Alistair Brown’s “I believe in Mission” which I read back in 1997.

And then, halfway through this book, Chris refers to it. Which must prove something [not sure what]

You can order it here if you want to read it yourself. Can’t lend you the copy I read as it was one of Bob’s Christmas presents [from me!]

i believ ein mission a brown

Having said that, the writers are quite different in style.

But it was good to be challenged by the ebullient Mr Duffett’s approach. And there was lots to make me smile -like the time he went somewhere to preach, and somehow the spell checker rendered his name as “Christ’s Duvet”! Well, Chris is a warm and cuddly sort of bloke.

I may blog some more about this book again. Having ‘speed-read’ it, I need time for it to sink in.

The thing that sticks with me now, having just read the book, is the question Chris poses to all those who seek to evangelise.

“Do I love them because I want them to become Christians – or do I want them to become Christians because I love them?”


  1. We watched Songs of Praise too, always do, but I cant say I remember your friend. What fun to see her though.
    Have a restful day off.

  2. Songs of Praise was a favourite every Sunday night when we lived in the UK...gosh, is it still going strong?
    Still giggling at Christ's Duvet!
    Jane x


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