Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Flower Power


This hyacinth was a gift just before Christmas, and in the last few days it has blossomed and filled the lounge with its beautiful scent. I was fortunate to receive three different containers of bulbs over the Christmas period – and the second one looks like it will flower next week.

But for now I am enjoying the sight and scent of this pink beauty!

[Update on Steph – the wrist appears to be healing well and she should have her lightweight cast removed in 4 week’s time]


  1. I can almost smell the lovely perfume and such a pretty colour too. Good news on the wrist, too.

  2. My bulbs are all over now, I think I must have planted them too early, especially the paper whites, which are now avout 3 feet tall!
    So glad to hear that Steph is on the mend.

  3. Angela I can smell it from here ~ beautiful! Marie x

  4. can it still flower after it flowers? in hot climates.

  5. Oooh...what a little nice to have flowers in January!

  6. Beautiful! What a lovely thing to have growing in your very own house.

    So glad to hear that Steph is healing up without any problems.


  7. Beautiful. I really fancy getting myself a hyacinth. My mum's hasn't flowered yet, she has three flower spikes in her pot.


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