Saturday, 29 January 2011

Speedy Saturday Supper

As planned, I made Jamie’s 30-minute Mustard Chicken for our meal tonight. It took – thirty minutes and ten seconds!

Then, as we cleared our plates, I remembered I had forgotten to photograph it!

jamies 30 min mustrd chicken

This is the official picture from the website. Mine looked almost like this – but I did Savoy cabbage, as I don’t like chard!

The Affogato dessert I also modified slightly, as I had some raspberries in the freezer, and not cherries. Jamie suggests serving that in espresso cups – but I thought it was a good opportunity to open one of our Christmas presents. Adrian and Marion gave us a Hot Chocolate set [2 mugs, a tub of Green & Blacks Cocoa and 4 little squares of dark chocolate] so I used these wonderfully cheerful red mugs – and then grated one of the squares over the top as a garnish.

DSCF1377 gondoliers-choc-wafers

I didn’t have any shortbread biscuits, so I used a couple of ‘cappucino chocolate wafers’. I got a tin of these in Poundland [yes, for £1!]

They keep well and make any dessert look fancy.


I also set the timer for ‘clearing up’ and found that I’d got everything into the dishwasher, processor etc packed away and all the pans washed up in just 10 minutes.

All very satisfactory – and delicious. Although I halved the quantities, I found there was more than enough for the two of us, and I have plated up a meal with the leftovers for Bob to have one day next week when I’m at school.


  1. A delicious-looking meal! I'll have to check out that mustard chicken. My daughter loves those wafers. I haven't thought about garnishing a dessert with them. Love the red mugs!


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