Sunday, 2 January 2011

Norfolk Dumplings!

A great Sunday – we had a visit from Bob’s sister Denise, and her husband Kevin – plus his parents John and Ruth.



Bob’s turkey and pork casserole with dumplings was really tasty, served with red cabbage and chestnuts. Technically his dumplings were not proper Norfolk Dumplings, as he used suet. But they were wonderful comfort food on a cold, damp day.

My brioche based bread-and-butter pudding came out really well too. All eaten, so no pictures, sorry!

Steph reports that, with a Sainsbury’s bag on her arm, she has managed to have a shower, and the pain in her wrist is less intense. That’s good news. Thank you everyone for your kind get well wishes.



It is our last evening here at Cornerstones for a bit – I am planning to listen to the double-length-special-60th-anniversary Archers programme shortly. After which I shall definitely need a cup of tea, if it is all to be as dramatic as they are promising.


Hoping to recover from the awful episode* in time to enjoy Rufus Sewell as Aurelio Zen. We both enjoy Michael Dibdin’s books about this Italian Detective, so hope it transfers well to the screen. [And I think Rufus Sewell is a great actor]


**I don’t want anybody ‘bumped off’ – I still remember being upset by the sudden deaths of Polly Perks, John Archer, and Mark Hebden. [I’m too young to have heard ‘live’ the death of Grace Archer] Yes I know they are fictional, but that’s not the point…


  1. You're so cutting edge with your watching/listening- I'm only just catching up with Up/Down on i-player! Episode 2 tonight...

  2. Love all those natural wood finishes! How beautiful. ~Liz


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