Friday, 28 January 2011

Have You Got A Light Mac?

…No – but I have a dark green overcoat!


It is a Dannimac, and I bought it in Fenwick’s in Leicester in the autumn of 1997. So it is pretty old. But it is a brilliant coat – as well as two deep pockets outside, it has an inside pocket with a zip. The top is double layered- as well as having the interior lining. It has a hood. And behind that row of buttons, it has a zip. So it is brilliantly warm. I love it.

I was really glad of it on Wednesday when I stood in the playground for an hour watching an enthusiastic guy in a tracksuit teaching my class to play Tag Rugby. It was freezing that afternoon- and it even started snowing briefly after school.

However, I’m afraid this aged coat is also a-frayed!

The cuffs [wool outer/corduroy inner] were worn right through, and also the stitching on the pockets was coming undone.



I found a scrap of pretty fabric in The Great Stash, and got out my trusty 25mm bias binding maker


I made some long strips of binding


Then I applied the binding to the cuffs, and also round the collar [which wasn’t frayed, but I thought it made for completeness]


I also mended the pockets. then I decided that I needed a bit more detail – so I found another scrap if fabric [plain red] and a couple of buttons. Using this crockery as circle templates…


…I cut out circles of fabric and made ‘yo-yos’ and stitched them together with the buttons to make a little brooch. This I attached to a safety pin so it is removable.

And now the coat will be wearable for a little longer.


Very pleased with this little renovation project. [the photo above has come out way too pale – the picture at the top is a better reproduction of the colour of the rich green wool]

[For details of my lovely red French crockery, see my first ever post – here]


Use it up, wear it out, make it do

…or do without!


  1. What a good idea. I've not long since thrown away a coat that had frayed at the sleeve ends.

  2. Awesome, it was a lovely coat anyway, but you are so talented and it looks like new

  3. That looks very much better. It's amazing how clothes can be encouraged to go on going on.

  4. Isn't it amazing what you can do with a little imagination and some scraps! Your coat looks very bright and is no doubt fit for a few more years in the playground.

  5. How clever!!! . . . . . .and thanks on the other account, Liz


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