Friday, 21 January 2011

Which WITW Blogging Character Are You?

So how to join in today’s Great Celebration?

I thought about dressing up – but having made all the costumes for the school play a couple of years ago [see here and here] I didn’t fancy that idea. PomPom Mole is much braver than I am!


Then I thought about the parallels between the Riverbank and The Blogosphere, and have devised a simple quiz. I looked at 3 different internet WITW character quizzes, and when I came up as 3 different characters, I decided to make up my own!

So which WITW Blogging character are you?

Are you mild and home-loving – but seeking a more productive life outside the home? Despite initial reservations, you’ve proved able to adapt to the hustle and bustle of the blogosphere and write your blog diligently but never forget your home-making roots [making frequent references to Cath Kidston or Jane Austen]


You are Mole

Are you relaxed and friendly, but occasionally a little mischievous in your blogs? Do you pick up a fair few followers- and then keep in touch with them via other means [emails, letters, phone calls] because they have become True Friends in the Real World too. Rather stubborn about keeping on track with your subject matter. Not too keen on tags and blog awards.


You are Ratty

Are you extravagant and impulsive, blogging about anything and everything? Going overboard with enthusiasm for the latest craze. You change your blog layout regularly, always adding [then dropping] different widgets and gizmos. You enter blog giveaways and answer online surveys as often as you change your [brightly coloured] socks. The wonders of technology thrill you and you discover something fresh and exciting every day!


You are Mr Toad

Are you quietly amused by the antics of your younger blogging friends? You don’t get out and about like you once did – and considering the state of the world ‘out there’ that doesn’t bother you too much! You reflect deeply on the changes around you – and your words are greatly respected. You blog away happily about your activities, dispensing the wisdom of experience and sharing practical common sense tips with others in a kindly fashion.


You are Badger

Or are you just a blog-reader? You don’t write your own blog, but derive great pleasure from the daily outpourings of others. You’re happy to make the occasional comment on a blog, and you’re a good sort. One of the ‘mixed lot’ of followers whose kind remarks are such a great encouragement to the rest of the bloggers.rabbits

You are one of The Rabbits

witw group

In case you are wondering, these little plush characters are the latest fund-raisers from the WRVS, and you can find out more and order them here.

WRVS is an age positive charity that offers a range of practical services to help and support older people to live well, maintain their independence and play a part in their local community. Here in Leicester, the WRVS has recently given much support to the Lord Mayor’s Forget-Me-Not fund, which helps those living with dementia [report here] And their WITW characters are rather cute!

A HUGE thank you to Mags for this fun event – I know you put lots of work into organising it all, and doing all the technical stuff - it has been so informative and a great start to the New Year.

“You are a good, kind and clever girl” as Toad said to the gaoler’s daughter!!


  1. Great post, like the idea of the quiz,
    I think I fall somewhere between Toad (like to keep my blog looking fresh so change the layout every few months) and Badger (most of my posts relate to our life in Normandy).
    Which WITW character are you?

  2. I'm Mole. I knew it! Great post, friend!

  3. That is funny! I think I may have a little Badger in me..not sure what the other bits are!
    Jane x

  4. Lovely! I'm a bit of everyone but Toad, I think, but given what I've just posted on my blog, you'll see that Mr Toad is not missing from our household...

  5. this is great fun.. how inventive you are!
    going by your quiz i would say i am a rat or ratty (now why does that not sound flattering?).

    i love the plushies! amd going to look at your link.


  6. Oh Angela, I am laughing out loud- notice that I have resisted the urge to type "lol" in case that makes me Toad! I am sure that he would be the techno-speak member of the club!

    I wanted to be Mole, but then the Cath Kidston bit put me right off. And I want to be ratty too, but think that I'd be excluded on the grounds of lacking sufficient depth and content! I'll aspire to be somewhere in between!

    Thank you beyond mere words for all you have done this week. I have enjoyed myself immensely, but most bautifully, as I have commented to a few of our Willows bloggistes, the lovely consequence of this week has been meeting new people- and that surely brings us all into the Ratty-sphere of real friendship emerging even from mere fun and merriment!

  7. Oh my I know now that I am Badger :)...This is a perfect way to describe each other...thank you for sharing.


  8. I had decided that I would post as Badger, I have his tendencies for stocking up supplies,getting cosy and warm and waiting for friends to call, also known for being a bit direct which old Badger seems to do - particularly when he sorts old Toad out, I love the way these little characters remind us of people we know and also that they aren't perfect!

  9. Cute post. I think I'm a bit like Ratty. ;-)
    ~ Sarah


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