Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Trivial Pursuits

what I learned this week

I love trivia – and soak up random facts like a sponge. This has been a particularly good week for such stuff, and I share some of it with you now. It may be useful for the next Pub Quiz – or give you an opportunity to astound your family or work colleagues if the conversation starts to flag!

  • Mr Incredible’s first name is Bob the incredibles
  • In England, we eat about 100grams of mussels per year

    per person [that’s about 5 of them] In Belgium, the average per capita is over 5kilo [that’s fifty times as much!] I must try and develop a liking for these – it will please Bob if I serve them more – and keep Hugh FW and Jamie O happy toomussels

  • To set up the controls for Bob’s stage lighting, you need a working knowledge** of binary arithmetic!PARcan

  • If you eat chocolate five times or more a week, you may be 57% less likely to have coronary heart disease than those who don’t [according to research in Boston, Mass.]bournville

  • The stockinged leg you see on that famous film poster for “The Graduate” [1967 starring Dustin Hoffman] graduate-poster is not that of his co-star Anne Bancroft – it is in fact the leg belonging to Linda Gray [aka Sue-Ellen in Dallas]ann bancroft graduate

linda gray dallas

  • The moving staircase which takes you to the next floor is called an alligator! I know this because the three year old next to me in a shop yesterday asked her mum if they could ride on the alligator! I think I shall add this word to my vocabulary forthwith  escalator alligaotr








[**an excuse to repeat my favourite, rather arcane, mathematician’s joke. "There are 10 sorts of people in the world - those who understand binary arithmetic, and those who don't"]


  1. That's dark chocolate, and it's a wonderful idea. I got right on that bandwagon. ~Liz
    PS We are seriously considering going back into the pastorate. The rest these few years has helped immensely. Maybe . . . .

  2. Good to know about the chocolate!

  3. I have a poster with that binary joke on it, love it! I'm not sure where I would find use for most of those facts though, maybe one day...

  4. I like the joke...now... how can I drop it into casual conversation???
    Jane x


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