Monday, 3 January 2011

Pleased As Punch!

At the risk of sounding like someone from the QVC shopping channel, Martha Stewart Craft punches are superb! Cleverly designed, they enable the dedicated crafter to achieve stunning results with minimum effort.

I have loads of other punches, but have never used a set as good as these snowflake ones which were my Christmas present from Bob


DSCF1014 There is a corner punch, which can be used in three different ways; without its ‘wings’ as a regular punch – with both wings as a corner punch, and finally with one wing for punching an ‘internal’ corner on the fold of a card.





Then there is a border punch – the wings on this are printed with snowflake guides, so you can line up your punching accurately


DSCF1022This gives you a straight border or [this is the clever bit] you can combine it with the corner punch to punch round a corner!  You are also given dimensions for punching the four sides of a square.



The largest punch in the set does an amazing deep border- or if you punch all the way along, you get a band of snowflakes


As you’ll see from my first shot, the ‘wings’ fold up for intelligent storage.

The punches are easy to operate and  the instructions are clear.

Initially the downside was all the ‘confetti’ – but even that proved useful.


Armed with my punches, some double sided tape, sticky foam pads, and a pack of cheap blank cards from The Works [which turned out to be exactly the right dimensions for punching round] I took my 2010 cards [plus Marion’s which she had kindly set aside for me] and produced my cards for 2011!DSCF1037




I have had enormous fun doing this, using the different punches to produce different effects.

It is also very satisfying to know that is one job out of the way! And good to do it whilst still feeling ‘festive’


I like to make cards which depict some aspect of the true Christmas story [no robins, penguins or Santas!] but this year, received fewer than ever such cards, which is sad. Among the bundle from Marion were only three [and one of them was the one we sent!!]

The ‘non-religious’ cards will get recycled in other ways, don’t worry! And I suspect I shall be discovering lots of other uses for my MS punches too. What a brilliant Christmas gift.


  1. Your cards look lovely and it is such a good idea for recycling. You have encouraged me to do something similar throughout the year. Today is the day the decorations come down so thinking cap on . . . . .

  2. Sadly there were fewer faith cards in the shops this year and I didn't make any and for the first time ever I wanted to sent a non faith card which amazed me, but there you go :)
    Love the look of these stamps and all the cards you made. Decs down to today thought I might recycle my cards as gift tags - we'll see.

  3. those are just lovely, what a great idea. I love those punches as well.

    Gill in Canada

  4. I love them! The blue dove card is so stylish and dainty, and what a thoughtful gift to receive

    May your new year be a happy & blessed one

  5. I love the punches! I've never used one, but I can see all sorts of possibilities. And I enjoy making cards (much more than buying them). I save all the Christmas cards we get, so if you want more cards, let me know and I'll send you some.


  6. Want! That is so cool.

    Love the cards too. xx

  7. Beautiful cards!
    I had seen the Martha Stewart punches in the stores but did not know if they REALLY worked. Thank you for the review!
    Jane x

  8. I don't believe it! cards ready for next Christmas and I'm still feeling guilty for not writing ones for this Christmas - not over til Thursday!
    They are beautiful!
    Oh for more time in the day!

  9. I can see why you're so chuffed....STUNNING effects! Love it all! :)

  10. I've never used a punch set, but it looks very intriguing. Maybe I'll be inspired!

  11. Those cards are gorgeous!!! Great job. I love the punches too.

  12. Thanks for all the lovely comments - I can only repeat that it is the briliant punches which make the job so easy!

  13. Lovely effects, and I can't believe you've made all those cards already!!! I know if I tried doing that I'd put them in a 'safe place' and then never find them again....


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