Thursday, 20 January 2011

Podiatrists Look Away NOW!

I spent all my M&S Christmas tokens in one fell swoop on a new pair of smart black court shoes. I have been dreaming of these for months [I got my old ones for Dad’s funeral in 1998 so I think a replacement pair was justifiable!]


I love them. But the Essex girl in me won out – they actually have 4½” killer heels. Wearing them, I almost come up to Bob’s shoulder!

My friend Rachel the podiatrist will not approve – but I think she has given up on me over the matter of heel heights.

They are for smart, formal occasions only – not for school, not for driving, and not for anywhere I have to walk long distances or stand for long periods.

Yes I know I ought to be in sensible, flat shoes at my age, but just occasionally I like to pretend I am of average height. And when I am wearing them I can kid myself I am like all those tall slim Italian women who associate with Aurelio Zen!


  1. Gorgeous, Ang. I still have the pair I wore for our wedding, also with 4 inch heels! Not nowadays though!

  2. Good for you Angela! I bought a pair of lovely grey heels in 2009 which I have never worn but I will . . . . We can't give in to age all the time.

  3. Way to go, girl! I couldn't wear 4.5 inch heels, I'd topple over, but if you can, go for it. As you say, their for not running for buses anyway.


  4. You can get to the front door in these? I am constantly newly impressed by your talents- and now by your talons! I'm tiny, but can't at all master heels!

  5. Getting to the front door is no problem, Mags. Walking up and down the pulpit steps is a little more challenging! But at least when I am up there, the congregation can SEE me now.

    I so wish I had kept my 4½" wedding shoes, but I gave them away in a moment of weakness!

  6. Ooh la la!
    I have a pair of killer heels...they are for sitting and looking elegant..walking is out of the question!
    Jane x

  7. Gorgeous shoes, I'd try to walk in them for Aurelio Zen too!

  8. "Yes I know I ought to be in sensible, flat shoes at my age,"???????????? Mrs Almond go wash your mouth out right now!!!!!!!!!!! Plenty of time for flatties when we're chasing our husband''s round the old folk's home - LOL.
    And anyway I never heard Zen say "Who's the girl in the sensible flat shoes?"


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