Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Write On!

I love writing – not simply putting thoughts into words which can be read by others via a keyboard, but the actual physical exercise of holding an implement and forming the letters onto a surface.

With a pencil on a cheap rough notepad

pencil notebook

With a piece of white “Cosmic Anti-Dust”chalk on a blackboard


With a ballpoint pen on a banana skin [go on, try it!]DSCF1169

With my finger in the condensation


With a Sharpie Marker [on just about anything!]


With a stick in the sand


But I especially love writing with a proper fountain pen. As a child I was fascinated by the bottle of Quink on my Dad’s desk. And yes, the ink was permanent [my Mum’s best tablecloth had a stain for years due to an accident whilst doing my homework]


Some years ago, Bob bought me a lovely grey “Core” fountain pen, made by the Rotring Company. It used standard cartridges – so was much less messy. And I lost it! I hunted and hunted and couldn’t find it. I struggled to find any shop selling these pens. Nobody seemed to stock them any more. So I bought a cheap cartridge pen for £1.20 from Wilkinsons [well, I had a huge tub of cartridges to use up]

Then this week, my darling husband gave me a belated Christmas gift. He had found as supplier of these pens in France. He ordered it – and it finally arrived this week…

Here is my lovely new pen


I shall look after it really carefully! And use it for writing important things.


What is your favourite way of putting things into words?


  1. What a very smart new pen! Rotring is a make that we see here in the better 'Presse'shops, so if you ever need another one.......!

  2. I just love uniball rollerbal pens, they leave such a thick deep black layer of ink on the page and are very smooth to write with. I hope you enjoy the new pen :)

  3. I will write on anything with whatever instrument I can! I have been known to scribble ideas on napkins on trains before...these days I always try and have my notebook with me (either the nicely covered one or that elephant we were talking about). I've discovered I love writing on the move. I've managed a few hundred words in a heaving dentist's waiting room.

    If struck with an awesome idea, I have been known to indent a word on paper with my fingernail before now, so i won't forget the idea (which probably isn't as awesome after a while but never mind).

    PS Writing on inflated balloons is quite fun. But don't press too hard.

    PPS May have to write my own post on this - fun!

  4. I love the physical act of writing, too, which is one of the reasons I miss letters so much. Typing emails just isn't the same. (By the way, send me your address so I can send you a postcard!

    My favorite pen is a Pilot V-6 Precise, black ink. I'm far too messy for a fountain pen, but I love them in theory. A friend of mine with beautiful handwriting used a fountain pen with brown ink; I swooned when I got her letters (see? who swoons at an email?).

    Congratulations on your new pen! Use it in good health.


  5. I just tried to leave a comment, but I'm not sure it got through. So this is a test comment. Test! Test!

  6. My feather pen and ink bottle in my favorite journal. My mind works faster than I can write with it though, so I save it for "special thoughts". :-)

  7. What a fabulous post! I loved writing on my blackboard in my last school, and turned down the annual offer of a whiteboard! (I did have a decent wall to beam the data projector onto!) Jo loves writng on the fug of my windscreen when we're waiting for Mattman between school runs if we have the car. And PC once bought me a Cross fountain pen which I fill with green ink and use with joy! He also gave me a glass "quill" with a little phial of red ink that you dip and scratch with- and that is most tactile in satisfaction! I agree with Lefty- we should all send you a postcard written with our favourite nib!

  8. And I forgot to say that when I left that school they decided that my leaky but lovely mobile would be finally decommissioned. So after all the tears and hugs PC came over with his trailer and we took down the blackboard and brought it home- it lives inside the garage and takes up one whole wall- and in summer the suns go out to write on it still!

  9. letter writing is a lost art isn't it?

    You are a very neat write. I have no preference with what I use to write.....

    Gill in Canada


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