Thursday, 27 January 2011

Just 1800 Seconds

I have been watching series two of Jamie’s Thirty Minute Meals – this time round, I have the book in front of me, so I know what’s coming!

jamie 30

I mentioned an earlier attempt at one of the meals back in October [here]

Now that did take me 33 minutes – but that was really my fault [I had deviated from his recipe slightly by not having ready-rolled pastry, and also I somehow mislaid the thyme and had to dash into the garden and cut some more!]

But so far I have done six of the fifty recipes and all of them have come in at 33 minutes or less. So I am feeling a little frustrated when people keep telling me they “read an article in the paper that says the recipes don’t work in the time he says”. My experience is YES they doas long as you follow the instructions carefully.

We had a good conversation in the staffroom about the book – and one other staff member said she had managed them in the time- except when she had cooked the main course and dessert separately and not followed Jamie’s order of work. But we all agreed the recipes were very tasty.

deliaPeople often say “You can rely on Delia – if you follow her recipes exactly, they never go wrong” - well, I happen to feel the same way about Jamie.

But I am quite a speedy cook anyway – most days there isn’t time for ‘faffing about’ – and I usually find that I don’t have more than 40 minutes, often less, to sort out our evening meal, in between getting home from school preparing for the next day, and getting out to a meeting at church.

I am prone to rushing about in the kitchen scattering disaster and spring onions in my wake – and we do not have a dinner gong to summon people to eat, I just set off the Smoke Alarm!

Bob said this week [when we had guests present!] that I am a true Domestic Goddess. Then he rather spoiled it, by saying my role model is Shiva, Deity of Destruction!


Two good quotes from Jamie this week

“You should keep tomatoes out, in the warmth, not in the fridge – like my wife does” [poor Jules!]

“A proper pudding – after all, there are only so many days when you can offer the kids ‘fruit, yogurt or ice cream for dessert’”  - I just imagined Liz and Steph watching this and saying “His kids got offered ice cream sometimes?!”

fruit bowl

Jamie’s Equipment-  my mate at school said she doesn’t yet have a processor- so chopping stuff adds time for her. I have checked out his list, and I am fortunate to have all the things he suggests except a fancy garlic crusher. Currently I’m using a large, very sharp knife for crushing and chopping.

The other thing I don’t possess is a selection of large platters and wooden chopping boards for serving. My chopping boards are cheap plastic IKEA ones. Also I think I really should look for a small glass jug for salad dressings. Recent forays into charity shops have yet to yield any suitable candidates. Liz is not overkeen on the ‘serve it on a wooden board’ technique. She says she is waiting to see him try to serve SOUP like that!!!

Following my friend’s recommendation, I am considering doing the Mustard Chicken this weekend. Watch this space!


  1. Obviously we don't see this here, but we do have Jamie's Dinners book and oddly, we haven't cooked many of them. I shall have to look again. We do have a garlic crusher, but Son 1 and I killed the foodprocessor lid when making Hairy Bikers' pastry (no, I don't know how)!

  2. Jamie is so down to earth, isnt he. I guess he has tested his recipes and if, as you say, you folow his instructions to the letter, it should work.

  3. Love Jamie. LOVE Jamie. And not only do I have a food processor, I have a fancy garlic crusher, too. I should try some of these thirty minute recipes. I have several of his cookbooks, but not this one.


  4. I think I really need this book

  5. We love Jamie and find his recipes usually work really well. We haven't tried a whole meal from the book yet, but it did occur to me that if you add on the amount of time to get all the ingredients and equipment out then all the clearing-up time, it probably comes to over an hour, which would be fairly normal for us.
    We really enjoyed one of his previous series, "At home". I shall never forget the "iceberg lettuce incident, where he played clay-pigeon shooting but with lettuces, making out that was all they were good for - very funny but rather laddish and wasteful. But that's Jamie all over, basically just a lad.


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